Signs of encrypted data

The most obvious sign of encrypted data is that the data has been batch converted to other formats (.CRAB, .KRAB, .kodg, .hets, .mkos…), inaccessible. files normally. In addition, there may be signs that the system cannot function as it should.

In each folder Folder will appear a file *.txt (usually Readme.txt). It is a notice board that tells us that the computer has been infected with malicious code, they will distinguish the infected type, of course, it is accompanied by a link to instructions on the payment method to be able to decrypt the data for the computer.

To recover data encrypted by a virus, you must find a foreign key. This is a very risky form, because you will not be able to know any information of the seller when making the transaction, and do not have any documents to authenticate the transaction. If it’s more risky, the client can be encrypted a few more times. In fact, many customers have been encrypted 2 to 3 times, even up to 5 times, then decryption is very difficult and expensive. Therefore, bringing in experienced professionals to handle such situations is the most reasonable option.

HTI Services ensures the analysis of the current state of the system, assesses the risks that are likely to be encountered in the process of decoding data, thereby offering the most reasonable plan to ensure data for customers.

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