About HTI Services

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About HTI Services

HTI  Services is a member company of HTI Group, providing leading solutions in digital forensics, data safety consulting, data recovery, decrypting data, investigating internal data in the enterprise’s system,…

Led by experts with over 15 years of in-depth experience in digital forensics, high-tech crime investigation and data recovery, HTI Services has handled hundreds of cases over the years both civilian and law enforcement support in the digital forensics and high-tech crime investigations.

With modern laboratories system and a team of highly qualified and well-trained technicians, we are confident to bring the best solutions and services to our customers.

Phòng lab khôi phục dữ liệu HTI Services
Phòng lab HTI Services

Our vision

 The vision of HTI Services is to become the leading provider of data security
services in Vietnam.

Our mission

 HTI Services aims to provide the best and most suitable solutions and services in terms of ensuring data safety and information security for businesses in Vietnam.

Why choose us

Choose and trust us to protect your critical data systems

We Are Professional

We are professional in each service, operation and customer care

Friendly Service

Dedicated to handling customers' problems and difficulties

Well Reputation

We have many years of experience and reputation in this field

Reasonable Costs

The cost is reasonable for each service and requirements of the customer

Standard Process

All services have standard implementation procedures according to world standards


The best warranty for all our services

Successful Projects
Satisfaction level
Years of Experience

Our Partner

HTI Services cooperates, exchanges and updates the latest knowledge and technology from leading technology partners in the world

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