Qator Live is a system that can perform rapid analysis at the site of investigation.


qator live
Qator Live – A system that can perform rapid analysis at the site of investigation.


Main functionality

  • Automated analysis

Analysts can avoid complicated processes and proceed quickly with analysis procedures.

A wide variety of options can be selected for automated analysis.

Results of automated analysis are organized for convenient viewing.

The time-consuming search process can also be done automatically.

  • Relevant material tagging

Items examined during the investigation can be tagged, allowing them to be assigned to systematic categories and reexamined.

  • Operating system artifact analysis

Analysis of program execution logs, registry, event log, icon use history, recently opened folders and files, recent work, and email client are all supported.

Analysis results are organized and displayed for easy inspection by analysts.

USB connection history can be examined. Web Browser data can be analyzed.

  • Keyword search

Files containing important information can be found easily by searching contents for keywords.

Search can be carried out as part of automated analysis. Entries containing specific data can be found in material that has been processed by automated analysis.

  • Timeline of analysis materials

By displaying analyzed artifacts chronologically, the investigation can focus on the time of occurrence in order to quickly secure evidence.


System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or later

USB interface required | program runs from USB

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