Qator Forensic is a powerful forensic analysis program that convenient, straightforward investigation supported by automated analysis and various operating system artifacts.


qator forensic
Qator Forensic – A powerful forensic analysis program.


Main functionality

  • Automated analysis

Analysts can carry out analysis procedures in a swift and straightforward manner. A wide variety of options can be selected for automated analysis. Results of analysis are automatically organized for convenient viewing. The time-consuming search process can also be done automatically.

  • OS artifact analysis

Analysis of program execution logs, registry, event log, icon use history, recently opened folders and files, recent work, and email client are all supported. Analysis results are organized and displayed for easy inspection by analysts. USB connection history analysis is supported.

  • Diverse analysis targets

Files, folders, disk image files, physical disks, and memory imaging files can all be targeted for analysis. Results can be viewed as appropriate for each individual target of analysis.


Specific Functionality

  • File recovery
  • File carving
  • Save event being analyzed
  • Search files for keywords / patterns
  • Classification of analysis materials
  • OS artifact analysis (registry, program execution logs, recently used info, event log, icon info, thumbnail info)
  • Web Browser data analysis
  • Image file analysis
  • Evidence disk imaging
  • Memory imaging


System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 64bit | CPU: Intel Core i3 or later

Main memory: 8GB or more | Secondary storage: 500GB SSD or more | Interface: USB, network

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