Qator Enterprise is a forensic analysis program for effective investigation of cyber security incidents. This program has been used by large corporations in Korea such as Hyundai, Samsung, SK, etc. and successful entry into an overseas market (Japan, 2012).


qator enterprise
Qator Enterprise – A forensic analysis program for effective investigation of cyber security incidents.



Qator Enterprise allows users to efficiently track down information and inspect systems in case of criminal case. It allows users to investigate illegal activities by target PCs via remote & online inspection.

Qator Enterprise goes beyond the limits of traditional forensic solutions that mainly analyze recorded data via data collection and analysis, Qator Enterprise allows inspection of the past behavior of a target.


Key features

  • Qator Enterprise can conduct forensic analysis on remote target systems.
  • Forensic analysis can be conducted without interrupting the work of investigators or targets of investigation.
  • Investigation can be conducted using a diverse set of tools, including artifact analysis, examination of data, time-series analysis, data recovery, and a file viewer.
  • Security data can be collected to establish the events leading up to the incident.



  • Maximize performance of internal audits
  • Detect violations via continuous monitoring
  • Prevent information breaches via periodic security audit
  • Track breach path by using collected data
  • Easy & simple inspection & analysis by remote tools
  • Prepare compliance issue and eDiscovery
  • Cope with Forensic Readiness


Area of Qator Enterprise

  • Incident prevention

Qator Enterprise minimizes damage caused by breaches of confidential information.

  • Incident management

Qator Enterprise allows users to efficiently track information/technology breaches down via system inspection and prevent breaches through analysis of target PCs via remote inspection.

  • Litigation management

Qator Enterprise helps obtain evidence to minimize corporate risk in litigation.


System requirements

Server: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later

Client: Microsoft Windows 7 or later

Database: Microsoft SQL Server (select) Network connection required

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