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Data physical destruction

Data, storage devices can be destroyed in a number of ways – including shredding, drilling, melting, or any other method that renders physical storage media unusable and unreadable.


Pros and cons of physical destruction method

  • Pros

+ Applicable to all types of storage devices: HDD, SSD, USB, SDcard, MicroSD, SIM card, …

+ Save time

  • Cons

+ It is prone to human error and manipulation

+ Creating a source of e-waste that is difficult to recycle


Physical destruction process

Step 1: Collecting the hard drive

Step 2: Delivering hard drive to a high-security warehouse for shredding

Step 3: Separate the metal, plastic and other material parts for recycling if possible

Step 4: Once the process is complete, HTI Services issues a destruction certificate showing the weight and details of the amount of equipment that was destroyed.

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