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Mobile forensic

Mobile forensics is the process of recovering digital evidence from mobile devices using accepted methods. Mobile forensics solely focuses on retrieving information from mobile devices such as smartphones, androids, and tablets. Mobile devices contain an abundance of information from text messages and web search history to location data, so they can be extremely useful for an investigation by law enforcement.


Data acquisition from mobile devices (Phones, tablets, GPS, etc.)

  • Gathering storage devices
  • Data acquisiting from the storage device as much as possible
  • Creating a preliminary report with designated tools such as UFED Physical Analyzer, Oxygen Forensics, Mangnet Forensics
  • Copying the image file and the preliminary report to the encrypted HDD (Bitlocker)
  • Sending the HDD to customer


Data analysis (mobile devices)

  • Analysis system data of mobile devices and figuring out the data related to the provided key words
  • Analysis group chat data
  • Analysis geographical location data
  • Analysis email data
  • Analysis files
  • Detailed reporting
  • Copying data and report to the encrypted HDD (Bitlocker)
  • Sending the HDD to customer


Data recovery (mobile devices)

  • Screen-locked phones
  • Phone data recovery
  • Tablet data recovery
  • GPS device data recovery
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