khôi phục dữ liệu trên HDD

What is a hard disk drive?

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a device used to store electronic data by using the surface magnetization tool of circular plates covered with magnetic materials. These plates are usually made of aluminum or ceramic glass of defined size, on the surface is covered with a thin layer (0.5-0.7μm) of magnetic material.

There are 2 types of HDD hard drives: HDD Internal and HDD External

Internal HDD: read/write speed about 530 MB/s, size 3.5inch, capacity 4 TB

External HDD: 2.5inch size, capacity can be up to 5TB


Some of the common data loss scenarios for HDD

  • Physical problems due to a drop or bumped drive
  • Disk read/write head failure
  • Power surge electronic damage
  • Failed PCB (printed circuit board), which can sometimes cause a clicking noise
  • Corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record)
  • Corrupt partition table
  • Damaged interface, such as USB or SATA connector
  • Failed fuse, capacitor or resistor
  • Bad motor controller
  • Failed cache memory
  • Failed voltage regulator



HDD data recovery

The data recovery process depends on what has actually happened to your hard drive, memory stick or your digital storage media device. HTI Services’s specialists will begin with a diagnosis of the hard drive to determine what exactly needs to be done and what solution fits your specific needs at what cost and then you are contacted by phone or email to discuss your data recovery job.

At HTI Services, we have a team of leading experts in Vietnam in the field of digital forensics and over 15 years of experience in data recovery on HDD and various drives. Understanding the importance of technology in data recovery, the equipment at HTI Services is the most modern and up-to-date. In particular, the most typical is the PC-3000 Portable III Ultimate System, PC-3000 EXPRESS, …

With high expertise, advanced equipment and professional processes, security commitment, HTI Services will bring you the most reliable and optimal service.

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