Dealing with internal data leaks or information breaches will be easier and faster when the business is proactive. Understanding this urgent need, HTI Services is pleased to bring Qator Series software solutions from the IJB Group – Korea’s leading corporation providing digital forensic solutions for digital investigation, internal audit and information security.

qator series
Qator Series – Digital Forensic Cyber Security Solutions

Founded in 2009, IJB Group operates and researches in the field of digital forensics, offering a diverse portfolio of comprehensive digital forensic solutions such as: Mobile Forensics, Corporate Audit, e-Discovery, Privacy Protection and Digital Analysis solutions. IJB Group’s products have been used in Korean government agencies and large corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, SK, CJ, …

Developed by a team with more than 10 years of experience in the forensic field, the Qator Series software solutions are considered to go beyond the limits of traditional digital forensic solutions. Not only recognized in Korea, IJB is also very well received in Japan when it entered this market in 2012.

From December 2022, HTI Group and IJB Group have officially signed an exclusive distribution contract. Arcording that, HTI Group is the exclusive distribtor of IJB’s products in Vietnam market.

qator enterprise

A forensic analysis program for effective investigation of cyber security incidents.

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Supports rapid, automated forensic investigation of on-site devices.

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qator live
qator forensic

Convenient, straightforward investigation supported by automated analysis and various operating system artifacts.

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